The future of journalism

The days of passive media consumption are over.

Content from legacy media is no longer just consumed. It is questioned, conversed, debated, remixed, recontextualised… the list goes on. The internet has morphed our role into that of a produser in an interconnected paradigm of sharing and consuming information. But it has also allowed us to produce content, whether it be images from the cameras on our phones or words from a blog just like this.

This ‘many to many’ distributed model, as opposed to, the ‘one to many’ centralised network, has given rise to the notion of citizen journalism and allows people to publish content without a gatekeeper filtering information.

Legacy media knows this and in an effort to stay relevent, they often regurgitate citizen journalism.

Think about it, most of the best video clips and images that we see broadcast on legacy media comes from the phone camera of a member of the public.

But when anyone can publish content with the same reach as legacy media, how do you legitimise information. How do you know what is true and what is not?

Why should you trust a random on 4chan rather than legacy media?

Well let me tell you this…

It isn’t about who is evil and who is not, it’s about having access to a variety of information and perspectives to develop you’re own understanding of the truth.

The difference between legacy media and the internet is the amount of content available. You may not always find the truth and you may need more information… but at least you haven’t been brainwashed by legacy media who frame an event to create a story.



2 thoughts on “The future of journalism

  1. Hi MiLLiE HAH alluding to your meme, it was great, I love the the sponge bob text memes! This blog is formatted well, it reads with a nice flow to an obvious conclusion. Would have liked a hyperlink to 4 chan though 😛 You touch on something very important, that it’s not about who is evil and who isn’t. It is about having access to a wide variety of news sources and being able to distinguish what is fact through collective knowledge. Citizen journalism provides a necessary compliment to ‘mainstream’ media, check out this article on citizen journalists that were uncovering the whereabouts of missing flight MH17 if you like 🙂 http://mashable.com/2014/07/23/citizen-journalists-mh17-spies/#xyB5B6owRgqw

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comment! The spongebob memes are my favourite haha! I’ll definitely take your advice on board and be sure to hyperlink next time. Thanks for the article recommendation as well!


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