Memes? … You mean Propaganda?

It’s easy to pass up the power of memes…

Until you realise that they are little packets of information created to sell you something whether you like it or not.

With legacy media, you only ever get the story which has framed an event – often with emotion to ensure reaction.

Memes on the other hand, are an entirely open process. Memes are never really ‘finished’. They are always evolving.

This proves incredibly powerful for meme warfare. Ever wanted to eliminate your competition? Initiate a meme about them like this guy…


Meme warfare is incredibly politically powerful in the propagation of ideas. ‘Draft our Daughters’ was a fake social media hashtag created by Donald Trump supporters using the site 4Chan. It’s purpose was to attack the frame of the Hilary Clinton campaign by creating fake advertisements that spread the idea of sending ‘daughters and women’ to war.


By mastering everything from exact colours of the campaign images they were able to create propaganda that looked so legitimate several news sites began publishing articles:


The ability to create a completely fake propaganda campaign within hours is scary but it is the reality of the internet and sometimes you’ve just got to do your best to navigate through it.


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