The Online Persona

The online persona.

Everyones heard of it and nearly everyones got one.

Online personas are the curation of ourselves that we present to others through social media.

Your instagram feed may be an artistic collection of photos carefully ordered to create a certain aesthetic.


Your facebook may be a timeline of certain photos or events to give off a resolved image of yourself.

Your twitter may consist of meticulously crafted tweets and retweets that promote to others what you want them to see you as ‘all about’.

This is all well and good, however, the power of social media extends beyond that of the immediate representation of yourself. Celebrities and micro celebrities are paid to cutrate a perfect presentation of themselves to sell products.

Their are job titles such as an ‘instagram influencer’ and ‘youtube celebrity’. When extreme marketing and advertising are infultrating the public sphere through every platform is their any sincerity left?



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