Why I won’t celebrate Australia Day on the 26th of January

I'm black, but not physically. Because of my skin colour, I am not discriminated, oppressed or mistreated. But my ancestors were. I am Aboriginal and my ancestors stories and values run deep within me. My surname 'Swain' is English, and this heritage is reflected in my appearance. I am both sides of history. I have … Continue reading Why I won’t celebrate Australia Day on the 26th of January


Sock Puppets and Cyberwarfare

Sock Puppets: "False online personas equipped to seem like real people while entering online discussion through blogs, message boards, chats and more. With a false persona, a user could discredit opponents, or create the semblance of consensus." Sock Puppets are, in short, paid trolls and bots set up as false personas to sway online opinion. … Continue reading Sock Puppets and Cyberwarfare

Social Media ReVoLuTiOnS

Social Media can be used for a lot of good. Take the Arab Springs uprisings for example; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were instumental for organising, coordinating and spreading the word about protests for the political movement. And as social media continues to develop with the introduction of live videos, stories and locations... it will increasingly … Continue reading Social Media ReVoLuTiOnS

Bridges made of sub-reddits

The internet has created an information overload... To make sense of such large amounts of information, aggregation and curation of content have become increasingly valuable. And essentially, this is what social media is. Content on social media is curated and aggregated (unintentionally and intentially) by us to form a cohesive structure of information in our … Continue reading Bridges made of sub-reddits