Why Nollywood (Yes you read that right) Matters

When it comes to Global film industries, certain one's spring to mind. Hollywood? Yes. Bollywood? Yes. Nollywood? Not so much.  Nollywood, the film industry of Nigeria, may still be relatively unknown. However, as it is currently the third largest film industry in the world, it is a pretty big deal. The Nollywood film industry produces … Continue reading Why Nollywood (Yes you read that right) Matters


The importance of International Students

During my time living and working at a school for deaf pupils in England I felt a shift in my world view. Witnessing first-hand the importance of a deaf school for individuals from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds as a place to connect and learn through a mutual life experience, I understood … Continue reading The importance of International Students

Americanization vs. Indigenization

According to Appadurai (1996), "The central problem of today’s global interactions is the tension between cultural homogenization and cultural heterogenization". Cultural homogenization refers to the reduction in cultural diversity through the popularisation and diffusion of a dominant outside culture. (O'Connor, 2006). Conversely, Cultural Heterogenization refers to the adoption of global culture to local culture, or otherwise known … Continue reading Americanization vs. Indigenization