The Online Persona

The online persona. Everyones heard of it and nearly everyones got one. Online personas are the curation of ourselves that we present to others through social media. Your instagram feed may be an artistic collection of photos carefully ordered to create a certain aesthetic.   Your facebook may be a timeline of certain photos or … Continue reading The Online Persona


MakerBot & 3D Printing

The topic of closed source and open source technology is becoming increasingly important as tensions arise over cybersecurity and intellectual property. Closed source often refers to technologies that are uncustomisable and, therefore, open source technologies are customisable. New technologies surrounding 3D printing have seen it grow in popularity and become almost mainstream. Generally, 3D printing … Continue reading MakerBot & 3D Printing

The Blair Witch (Transmedia) Project

Transmedia Telling multiple stories over multiple mediums to form a cohesive whole.  The power of transmedia lies in the ability of the audience to form a cohesive story within their heads no matter what medium they enter at and without necessarily knowing it.  This is why transmedia marketing is often used for product releases such … Continue reading The Blair Witch (Transmedia) Project